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European Commission - Urban Mobilit (Pub)

What better way to tell the Commission's story to promote Urban Molbility than to have people flying into armpits in slow-motion. Director's Cut.



Fall of Man (PUB)

It's a rare feeling, realising that a teaser achieves the same quality and originality as the product it is supposed to tease. For the Fall of Man, a home-brew project, our own Toon Mertens wanted to reimagine the way the Flemish Primitives would be constructed in today's technologically advanced world. So he poured all their dogma's into photography, creating a 3 by 5 meters tall image of mankind falling in the abyss, as well as an interactive version here



European Commission - Create, Connect, Grow (PUB)

We teamed up with talented DOP Pepijn Robben and Maarten Van Bavel from Supertube to create a vivid, emotionally driven promo film for Europe’s biggest digital technology event.



Pieter Aspe Mishandeld (PUB)

What could be more fun than tying up and torturing your own client? That’s exactly what we thought when we were asked to make this promo for Belgium’s most successful author. As you can see, we treat our clients with the utmost… respect.



Trifinance - Puppets (PUB)

Translate the central idea and work method of a financial consultancy company to a compact, fun to watch movie. Now there is a challenge! Instead of relying on digital technology, we opted for simple materials to bring life and texture to these abstract ideas and concepts. With glorious AD work by Floris Van Opstal. Learn all about TriFinance.



A Potter's Dream

An experimental shortfilm as a study between sculpture and cinema, in cooperation with Piet Stockmans. We handed this in at FilmLab in July, hoping to recieve funds. Filming is scheduled for spring 2012.

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Fall of Man

In 2010 we got government funding to start research and production on 'the Quest for Realism'. This is an art/photography project inspired by the works of the Flemish Primitives.

One of the works from the project is 'the Fall of Man'. This will be a composition of 75 naked bodies falling into the pits of hell. The canvas will be 3 by 5 meters large.

We completed primary photography on a snowy weekend in december; and now are editing all our models into the large shot. It's quite the heavy undertaking, but we hope to be ready to make an exposition in the springtime. We will keep you posted on the situation as it develops.

Next to the giant composition, we are going to make smaller prints of the individual models as well to expose next to the main work. (the adjoining picture is a post-production test, and not the main result!)

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Photographer : Toon Mertens
Line-Producer : Enak Cortebeeck
Funded by Stroom Limbrug


Sous La Peau

Director/DP : Mathias Verleyen

In 2010 we produced & edited Mathias Verleyen's Wildcard. The award-winning director chose to make a documentary about life and death, as he portrays two employees of a hospital morgue. The premise is as follows :

In his new documentary, Verleyen sketches an intriguing portrait of two morgue employees. His distant & unconventional camerawork creates a stage in which the viewer is allowed to witness the mechanics of life and death without mediation or judgment.

Funded by het Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, AZ VUB, Sabam & Canvas.

Commercial Ché Magazine

We did two commercials for Ché Magazine in cooperation with Unique/ Here you can see one of them.

Creatives : Wendy Wauters & Karl Magnus of Amphion.
Director : Toon Mertens
DOP : Pepijn Robben



Gestreept (short)

Director : Toon Mertens & Jonas Baeckeland
DOP : Pepijn Robben
Camera : Marc Appeltans

Cast : Nand Buyl, Ina Geerts, Raf Walshaert

Commisioned by the Humanistisch Verbond van Vlaanderen

In a city with a cultural mix of nationalities, age and gender, eight complete strangers all have one thing in common: they feel trapped in their own city and in their own lives. A sprinkle of hope enters when an escaped zebra runs free in the city. The eight strangers are all subconsciously enticed to catch this zebra. In doing so, their lives intertwine and are profoundly changed. This is a story about liberty, compassion and hope in modern times of troublesome existential thought.

Official selection IFF Locarno, Ghent, Leuven

Winner Best European Short at Cinema Tous Ecrans Geneva

Karl Kneip

Toon Merten's photographer alter ego Karl Kneip has come outside to say hello.

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